The Woodend Barn Construction

Like the rest of the farm, the Woodend Barn had been sadly neglected for years. Our goal was to breathe new life into this building, effectively rebuilding the barn from the ground up and transforming it inside and out. The project would require extensive alterations including new doors, windows, and new internal structures as well as adding power and plumbing.

The first job was digging out the old concrete and laying of a new floor.

With that complete and set we could then remove the old asbestos roof and replace it with a more energy efficient insulated roof. At the same time, block work was completed in places and carefully removed in others to make way for the new bifold doors.

The internal structures for the toilets and bar could then be added as well as the frame for the bifold doors.

With those in place, the new trusses could be completed that would frame the barn.

Finally it was time for the decorators, new flooring and lights to go in.

Quite the transformation!

Image by kind permission of Thomas Demol Photography.

Image by kind permission of Stott Weddings.

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