The Red Barn Construction

The plan for the Red Barn was that it would be home to two important parts of the barns, the ceremony room and roost. When we took on the project this 18th century red brick building was in a terrible state having been neglected for some years.

The first job was to repair the roof and install new skylights.

Once that was underway, we could turn our attention to the beautiful beams and trusses. Despite being open to the elements for many years all but one had stood up remarkably well.

The damaged truss is carefully removed.

Once repaired it is moved back into position.

With the roof complete the next major task was the new floor and removal of internal walls to open the barns and make them inclusive. The existing concrete needed to be carefully excavated and levelled.

The beams were shot blasted to bring back their original colour.

With that complete we then laid the beautiful stone flagging that transformed the barns!

Finally the new windows were installed and plasterers started to work – suddenly it is starting to look like a Staffordshire barn wedding venue!

One final push with the lighting and we are there. 

Image by kind permission of Stott Weddings.

Image by kind permission of Stott Weddings.

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