What a month at the barns! The final push to our first wedding on the 15th of June was a hectic affair as all the threads of the build were pulled together and the it moved from building site to dream wedding venue.

Starting outside, cladding on Wood End Barn was completed allowing stone flagging to be laid.

Our courtyard is taking shape!

Inside, the barns have seen huge changes as well.

With trusses and steel in place and plaster complete, the decorators get to work.

The first section of the flooring is laid.

With the floor finished, the wood is treated and light fittings add the final touches to the room.

Work also continues on the most important feature – the bar!

First, the frame is put in place.

With the taps installed and front painted it starts to look the part.

Of course, the taps need testing. Mike has the honor of the first pint!

Over in the Bridal Prep, the room starts to develop.

A rough prototype of the final layout with more plug sockets than you could ever need!

The carpet and new flooring are laid and a new fridge installed.

The bride’s private bathroom nears completion too!

Outside the power lines that cut over the lake and car park are removed.

The lake looks better with out those ugly cables spoiling the view!

Things have progressed in the garden as well.

A final brick edging to the paths is laid.

The new fence is up and ready to be stained.

Mike drops the topsoil into place…….

and has some fun on the rotavator!

Alistair, our IT gnome is redeployed to the garden…..

as Kirsty cracks on with the planting.

The back of the lake needs some TLC too; a big “thank you” to all our friends who came down for a weekend to help with the work.

Concrete footings are poured for the new decking area…..

and it starts to look good.

New pathways are laid.

Not a bad day’s work!

With the path complete, construction of the pavilion begins which will be licenced for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

The turf starts to go down in the garden.

It really is starting to take shape!

In both the Ceremony Room and Roost the final push begins to take it from a building site to a wedding venue.

Jan and Kirsty sweep and mop the flags to remove the last of the plasterers’ dust.

Now we just need some furniture!

Final work starts on the outside of the large barn as well.

Steel work for the windows is installed…..

and the new drive is laid.

Final cladding goes up.

Heartfelt thanks to the amazing team of laborers, plasterers, painters, plumbers, electricians, chips, brickies and all the rest who helped build the barns – couldn’t have done it without you!