This month we have invited the talented Wedding Care with Lynsey Claire to be our featured supplier. We have worked with Lynsey now for nearly 2 years on weddings and styled shoots and she was one of the very first suppliers we recommend. With an innate understanding of couples and what they want from their wedding she really can help plan the perfect day.

Please tell us who you are and how Wedding Care with Lynsey Claire came to be?

Hello, I am Lynsey, founder of Wedding Care and lover of all things good: food, fine wine, flowers in abundance, and a good RnB floor filler.

My favourite thing to do is travel and have been backpacking around parts of the world twice. Lucky me, I know! I have experienced things I thought only existed in glossy holiday brochures, as well as things I thought only happened in movies; like sharing a hostel room with 4 Korean partying teenagers in Malaysia… but that is a story to tell over a drink!

My favourite time is spent with friends and family, in front of the fire, with a good G&T and a mountain of chocolate.  I am equally in my element strutting around a cold, muddy, English festival field, Hunters on, outfit planned weeks in advance, sipping on a (usually warm and overpriced) cider with my girlfriends!

My loving little business, Wedding Care with Lynsey Claire, has come from a wonderful family history of succeeding in the wedding industry. 30 years ago, Mum and Granny went into business together and opened the doors to the most gorgeous little Bridal Shop they named Wedding Care. I always wanted to one day carry the business name forward, and having grown up surrounded by excited brides, and trying on huge shoes and veils, prancing around the shop in oversized dresses, my passion for the industry was ignited to help people on the happiest day of their lives!

Can you us an outline of the services you offer?

My passion for detail and varying levels of support ensures that we design a stunning, memorable occasion, which is truly unforgettable.

I offer the big 3 packages; Full, Partial and, On the day, as well as alternative options bespoke to you and your requirements:

COFFEE AND CATCH UP – You are loving the personal challenge of planning your own wedding, so during regular catch ups we create goals to keep you focused on your planning schedule

STYLE AND DESIGN – Perfect for couples who have their spreadsheets and organisation accounted for, however you are lacking in creative inspiration.

VENUE / SUPPLIER SOURCE – Are you unfamiliar with your chosen wedding location? Or struggling to find the dream venue, or perfect supplier to suit your style?

WHERE DO I START – Perfect for Newly Engaged couples who have no idea where to start planning with budgets and timelines.

What makes you different to other wedding planners in the region?

I vary quite a lot from other planners in terms that all my packages are Bespoke to you as a couple –because why would you want the same set format of planning as the Bride before you? I also offer 9 packages, whereas most would offer the standard 3; Full, Partial and On the day. When designing my services, I really spend time thinking about what is needed in wedding planning for couples who have no idea where to start. Some people love the spreadsheets and hate the styling, others want to plan their wedding but have no idea what to do! With my bespoke services, you can rest assured you are getting the service you want, without paying for something you could be happy doing yourself.

Share with us one of your favourite wedding memories

There were so many incredible weddings planned in for this year before the unthinkable happened!! But one of my favourites was going to be an August couple who were postponing to Christmas at the fabulous Hanbury Barns – They had to make a complete change of theme and U-Turn on every decision made in the planning, but it was going to be even more incredible!!! Twinkling lights and scented candles, lush greens and golds, cosy, warm ambiance, and the best bit, the ceremony space was going to be transformed into a Kids Christmas zone with Elf projected onto the huge wall, snuggly blankets and soft furnishings, Christmas themed craft bags. and a super stylish celebration! You really can make the most amazing memories in a bad situation if you have the right team of suppliers and supportive venue behind you!

What are your top 3 tips for a successful wedding day?

A wedding planner will be on hand with the kitchen sink in tow in the event of any sort of emergency – so if you aren’t having a planner, make sure you have a kit bag of anything and everything you could imagine; needle and thread, deodorant, baby wipes, stain remover, sanitary items, super glue, sandpaper (no one wants slippery soles on new shoes). My kit bag is the size of a suitcase and you can guarantee it will open at some point during a wedding day.

Do not have the structure of the day printed on a sign for guests to see – There is nothing worse than if you are having a fabulous time catching up with old friends and the drinks are flowing, and then you get pulled away at 19:00 sharp for cake cutting because that’s what you wrote down! Plus, there will always be one Aunty Flo who notices if you are running late and be judgemental. It’s your day, you let it run however you want – Your co-ordinator can make sure that cake cut happens, but at a time you say to suit you!

Finally, it’s your day, do it your way! Opinions will fly in left right and centre; just politely take them on board, but ultimately, you do you. You will never please everyone – especially when it comes to food and music choice.

Most importantly, enjoy every single second. It is true when they say your day will fly by! Step back, take it in and spend time enjoying the day as a newly married couple.