I first worked with Looch a few years ago at a rather wonderful wedding up in the Peak District and he was a natural choice to become one of our recommended suppliers! In my photography days I was always searching for moments of excitement and energy to capture at a wedding and he brought them in spades. If you are looking for something to engage and delight your guests during your wedding day look no further (in fact Emma has even booked him for her own wedding!), read on to find out more about this talented entertainer!

Who are you and how did you come to be a Mind Reader & Magician?

Everyone knows me as Looch, it’s been my stage name for nearly twenty years! I perform as a ‘Mind Reader’ or sometimes referred to as a ‘Mentalist. This is a type of magician who specialises in utilising magic & psychology to create a really fascinating type of entertainment.

I first got into this type of thing as a hobby growing up. I was 14, on a family holiday when I visited a magic store in Florida. This piqued my interest and I have been fascinated ever since.

I began my career as a teacher who specialised in working with young offenders and children in the care system. I would use magic as a rapport builder and it always worked a treat. As the years went by I became more and more interested in the psychology behind it all and began to develop my own techniques to create tricks that looked as if I was reading people’s thoughts or predicting their behaviour in advance.

I left teaching behind a number of years ago and have been a full time professional ever since. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world performing at weddings and corporate events.

What makes you different to other wedding entertainers in the area?

There are a lot of magicians out there. some part time and hobbyists but there are only a minority that are dedicated professionals who do this for a living. Of those there are maybe 2-3 in the UK that specialise in this specific type of magic.

If you were watching 2 performers and one made a coin vanish and then appear behind your eye, whilst it’s fun and entertaining you understand that there is a trick involved. some kind of clever sleight of hand that made it look as if the coin had vanished but you might think that it is up their sleeve or in their pocket.

A mentalist on the other hand might look you directly in the eye and tell you the name of a friend from your school days. When this happens it’s much more difficult to dismiss as a trick. It looks genuine and real to many guests, this always generates a huge buzz at weddings and creates a real talking point among your guests.

What services do you offer?

I offer a variety of different performances that are specifically designed to enhance your wedding. Without a doubt the most popular is my show. I call it ‘The Wedding Show’ and it is designed to be performed after the wedding breakfast and speeches. I am introduced to the room and perform a mind blowing interactive show that’s full of audience participation, laughter and amazement.

In addition to my show, I also perform in a Mix & Mingle capacity. This involves me mingling during the drinks reception and whilst you are having your photographs taken. I perform up close to small groups as they enjoy a drink and take in the beauty of Hanbury Wedding Barn. Mix & Mingle is a great ice breaker and can often bring both families together to create a shared experience and memories of your big day. Not to mention your photographer, who can capture some incredible reaction shots as I am entertaining.

Tell us some of your favourite memories to date.

I have so many! I absolutely love what I do and feel very lucky to have performed at some really high calibre weddings for sports stars and celebrities. However I am more at home blowing people’s minds at local venues surrounded by a great team of people like you guys at Hanbury.

One great memory was when I first met  Adrian years ago. We had both been hired for a wedding near Chatsworth. He captured one of my all time favourite reaction shots of me performing. It is an amazing feeling when you are in sync with the photographer as they just instinctively know when to take the shot. There’s usually a pause after I reveal something before the guests process and then react and Adrian was one of the best at timing it just right.

Another memory that stands out was the conclusion of ‘The Wedding Show’ that I had created for one of my couples a few years ago. Something happened that was unexpected but just perfect in regards to timing. It was such a powerful moment it caused the entire wedding party to stand up simultaneously with their mouths wide open and burst into an ovation. The couple looked at me in disbelief and both embraced me with tears in their eyes. They told me how much it meant to them and I have never forgotten the looks on their faces.  The photographer caught the moment and it remains a real favourite memory that I treasure.

Photo taken by Christopher Bunce Photography | www.chrisbunce.co.uk | www.facebook.com/cbpuk

What are your top 3 tips for a successful wedding day?

Many of my couples tell me after their wedding that they were so anxious on the day in regards to making everyone happy that they felt the day rushed by too fast. Make sure you stop and breathe, take in everything and remember it’s YOUR day. Take it in, soak it up and make sure you stop to enjoy the day for yourselves.

Learn to let go of anything you can’t control. If the weather doesn’t behave, there’s no point stressing, just go with the flow. I don’t think I have ever performed at a wedding where everything went to plan. It just is what it is. Take a deep breath, let it out and smile!

My final tip is to ensure the entertainment brings everyone together. Whatever you decide upon, it should create memories of your day and should be something that people look back on and remember for all the right reasons!