It has been all go over Christmas with two major projects underway over the festive period.

First of all was the processing of the tonnes of concrete and rubble we have accumulated from the excavation of the barns and the demolition of the fox house into hardcore to be used as the footings for the drive way. Processing this all on site was a major environmental consideration as it saved shipping tonnes of rubble away and shipping tonnes of stone back.

First tool of the trade turns up, an 18 tonne tracked excavator to feed the crusher.

Next the crusher itself. This 45 tonne machine is so heavy it can only be transported on certain roads! It can chew through rebar, brick and concrete like paper.

Quite a pile to go at.

Beautifully crushed new hardcore!

And with it the foundations of the roads are laid as well.

The next major task was putting the new roof on the modern barns. Originally the barns had asbestos cement sheets which were in a poor state of repair and needed to be safely removed. Once clear, the team set to work installing the new insulated panels.

All stripped and ready, the scaffolding goes up.

The new roof is quickly installed with the panels slotting in place

Mike heads up to inspect the new roof.

While we have access the tall roof on the older barn is redone. Despite being 70 years old the original tiles are in good condition and can be reused.

You also get a great view of the pond and court yard from up here.

The pond has also refilled beautifully, all ready for us to start on the gardens in the spring.

With the roof built and the road underway we now move our focus onto the older barns, update coming soon!