While “unprecedented” is probably the most overused word of 2020, “upheaval” is probably the most accurate. For many couples, the virus has seen dramatic curtailing of wedding plans but for Faye and Will the announcement of a second lockdown put them in a race against the clock to reschedule their wedding. With just 24 hours to co-ordinate their suppliers, guests, finish the wedding preparations and shake off a Hen-do hangover how did they manage to do it?

Image by kind permission of Bowl of Corks Photography

What were you doing and what your first thoughts when you heard about the announcement?

Will was at home, having a relaxing night in watching films with Morgan, a friend from Australia who was staying with us.

I was enjoying my small, Covid appropriate hen party! I knew the announcement was coming, but I avoided looking at the news, and asked everyone else not to look too. I wanted to enjoy my hen party and was not prepared for the possibility of the latest announcement putting our wedding on hold.

After a while, when it was just my soon-to-be Mother in Law and myself, we looked.

It was heart-breaking. We had pulled our wedding forward after September’s announcement as we just wanted to be married for which we were cautiously optimistic but, with only a short stretch to go we had allowed ourselves to get excited, and then 8PM on Saturday rolled around… It felt like this time the rug had been pulled out from under us, we were devastated.

How quickly did you decide to move your wedding forward?

Within an hour of hearing the news. We both had a little cry, got it out of our system, and then we asked ourselves “why don’t we do it before lockdown?”

Emma, Will’s mum, encouraged us, filled us with the positivity and determination we needed. We decided we would try everything we could to make it happen.

Image by kind permission of Bowl of Corks Photography

What was the most important thing to organise?

Guests! With it being a last minute Monday, we had to ask a lot of favours with so many people needing an emergency day off of work! Thankfully, everyone was amazing! All employers were so supportive of not only both of us, but our family too.

What did you find most useful when moving your wedding?

There were 2 things really. The contact was a big part! All of our amazing suppliers kept in constant contact throughout the Sunday and that was invaluable! Everyone was on hand every time we called, it really made pulling it all together so much easier! The second would have to be the support, encouragement and general excitement over it! I think the announcement was a shock to everyone! It was great to have so much positivity from all of our suppliers! It really helped in what was a very tense day!

Image by kind permission of Bowl of Corks Photography

What was the biggest obstacle?

There were so many things to pull together! Thankfully, we were just on the other side of our notice period! The Registrar’s were probably the bit we held our breath on the most, as they weren’t operating on a Sunday! But they were amazing, we were able to get in touch with them and they reassured us once more that Monday would be achievable! It was a long and anxious wait to hear back to get the go ahead, but we are so thankful for all their hard work!

What time did you get to bed the night before your wedding?

It was late! It was gone midnight by the time we actually relaxed! So we saw in our wedding day ironing table cloths, packing the car and finishing our favours! But it was all worth it!

Image by kind permission of Bowl of Corks Photography

How did you feel by the morning of your wedding day? Who had the most to do?

A little stressed, as we still had lots to do! I definitely had the most to do out of the two of us! Will was getting ready with his friends at home, so it was down to Danae (our other friend from Australia, and my lovely hairdresser) and myself to decorate the Barns – though we had brilliant help from Abigail & Archie from Bowl of Corks Photography, doubling down as they continued to photograph the day, and the team at Hanbury! We also have to thank Lush Occasions for the beautifully dressed ceremony room! I also did a last minute dash to the shops to pick up some Krispy Kreme’s for our guests! We also must mention that Emma, Will’s mum, pulled out all the stops to get our flowers done in time! She was at the shops waiting for them to open in the morning, and she did such a stunning job!

What was your favourite part of the wedding?

Gosh, that is a really hard question to answer! I loved getting ready! The bridal suite is amazing, and it felt like the first relaxing moment I had had in weeks! We had so many laughs, and I honestly think everyone was just so pleased to be there with all that had happened in the last 7 months! Everyone I spent the morning with was so lovely, especially the amazing Makeup by Harper who helped me get ready, I would choose all of them again and again! Seeing each other when it was time for our ceremony, seeing everything come to life, and finally getting to be married when only 36 hours prior it felt so distant

Image by kind permission of Bowl of Corks Photography

What advice would you give to couples who find themselves in a similar situation?

Take some time to write a list of priorities – what are the most important aspects of your day, what is essential, and what is a “frill”. When you are limited on time, it really does fly by! Focus your energy and attention on the things that really matter and are achievable. Everything beyond that is a bonus!  

Don’t sweat the small stuff – in such a short space of time, not everything will be possible. The day is what you make it, and those small details, whilst lovely to have, will not make or break your day!

Call in favours! You’ll be surprised how eager everyone will be to pitch in! Don’t be afraid to ask your suppliers for help! They have been to so many weddings! They know the drill! This is the time for everyone to pull together, and last minute weddings are no different! 

Finally, go for it! You will have an amazing day! It’s all part of the story, and it is one that definitely will not be forgotten!