The journey of converting this tumble-down old barn into a beautiful space for a wedding celebration has been a long one. Known amongst the family as “phase 2” of the conversion, it was split into two parts with the first big push of the build primarily focused on the exterior and kitchen taking place between November 2018 and June 2019. You can see the progress of these sections of the build on our blog posts here. The final finishing push on the interior then began in January 2020 and was on course to be completed by mid-March until a certain virus put a crimp in the plans!

First things first! The wood and insulation arrives and is loaded into the barns before the windows are installed.

Insulating, boarding then plastering the walls gets underway.

The windows are moved into place, and the barn becomes weather sealed for the first time ever.

The first sunset through our new windows.

The first prototype light goes up.

And construction on the prototype truss begins.

The bespoke metal work is added.

Getting ready to raise the roof!

The first chandelier is completed and added to the tie beam which is then gently lifted into place.

And we have our first complete prototype truss!

Takes more than a bit of snow to slow us down.

The first permanent truss is complete with working lights.

Work then progresses quickly with scaffolding going up to help the plasterers.

Meanwhile, outside the new raised flower bed is coming together.

All ready for planting.

With the plasterer’s work finished the scaffolding comes down and we can stand back and admire the completed woodwork for the first time.

The next major task is laying the new floor.

All ready and prepped for laying the tiling.

Sadly, we couldn’t get any pictures of the new floor being laid as they workmen that did it needed to be socially isolated. We next saw the barns to set up the tables and chairs for the first time.

Finally, the talented Louise from Lush Occasions comes by to compliment the magnificent barn with her magic touch!

And there we have it. Taking just over a year and half to complete and capable of comfortably seating up to 200 guests the Eland Barn is complete and ready for the summer season.