It has been an exciting time over the last few weeks as the build speeds ahead. We have had multiple teams at the barns working on the interior and garden as well as starting on the new road entrance.

Big progress outside as the hedge for the new access has been removed and the new trunking for the gates and lights is laid.

The foundations for the new entrance walls have been excavated and poured into place.

The frame for the bifold doors which will open up to the courtyard has been constructed and also the weather proof membrane for the cladding is attached.

Rain briefly stops play but we do get a great impromptu water feature although not the one we have in mind.

Internally, the timber for the bathroom walls and ceiling is in place.

A couple of our roofers volunteer to check the spacing of the urinals. It is clearly a hug moment!

Massive changes in the old barns. With the walls removed it has opened up the space inside wonderfully making it feel far more inclusive. It also shows off the beautiful old trusses and stone work.

A bit of TLC has the old bull feeder looking much better. The perfect place for naughty children!

The supports are well under way on the storage cupboard in the breakfast room. The cupboard will also support the new ceiling and wood work in the larger barn.

The new insulated screed floor goes down in the kitchen, bar and plant room.

The second phase of the block work is also under way for the bar and kitchen.

Big projects for the next few weeks are the burying of the trunking in readiness for the power lines that cut over the site to be removed, the rendering of the large barn, the completion of the new roof on the old barns (when the howling wind and rain stops) as well as continuing work on the entrance and internally of the old and new barns. Watch this space for an update soon!