We are officially at the destruction part of the construction as we clear the way for the foundations of the more contemporary section of the wedding barn. Originally built for cattle, the barn floors were more than a little unlevel so it made sense to dig them out and give ourselves a clear run to lay the new pipes and drains needed. It also has the added benefit that we can add plenty of insulation to keep the barns nice and cosy!

The barns as they looked when we took on the farm.

“Wreck-it-Ralph” takes up the old floor

The breaker makes short work of the old concrete; time to cart it all away.

Trenches are dug to repair old drains and add the plumbing for the bathrooms and kitchen.

Getting everything level and stable for the concrete.

Beautifully smooth and ready for the pour.

Bonus picture: the walls have come down where the new bifold doors are going to sit, revealing the view across the courtyard to the lake and island!

And that brings us up to date and lays the way for the next step in the development – raising the roof.