With the approval of our bat license earlier last week it has cleared the way for us to start tackling some jobs we have been itching to get our teeth into. First on the list is the demolition of the most modern brick barn on the site. This lump of a building, seemingly styled after a 1970’s power substation, is known to us as the “fox house” as when we first visited the farm a rather alarmed fox ran out the back door as we walked in the front.

Forlorn and overgrown, much like the rest of the site, it was in a sorry state when we took the property on.

Clearing the undergrowth didn’t improve things much. Clearly inspiration was drawn from the “brutalist” school of architecture.

The inside wasn’t much better, it had been used as a dumping ground for years. Time to go to work.

397 tyres stacked and ready for recycling.

“Wreck-it-Ralph” cracks on with an uncharachtaristically careful demolition; once cleared the views over the pond will be amazing. Work continues on the other barns as well.

With the roof fully removed more block work goes up. Beautiful!
Some more freshly laid concrete which will form the foundations for the kitchen, plant room and most importantly……..
The bar!

Finally, the lake is refilling beautifully as well.

Our next major tasks are getting the new roof on the barns and starting work on the classic red brick structures – watch this space for more updates coming soon.