It is all go here with several major projects ongoing or starting in the next few weeks despite the inclement weather. The big progress has been on the old barns which have a new roof and windows installed as well as continuing the extensive internal renovations.

There are big changes inside as walls are removed while carefully preserving the old brick. A new truss is built and installed and the cow pens which were more recent additions to the barn are demolished.

The carefully preserved slates are put back on the roof.

The new heritage skylights go in.

The cladding has arrived ready to be affixed to the exterior of the newer barns.

Work has started on demolishing the end of the larger barn.

A snapshot from our architect of how it will look on completion in January 2020.

Although it doesn’t much look like it, work has started on the garden.

The new fence panels go up.

The planting of the new hedges has started as well as mature laurels and photinias given a new home.

We will see some huge changes on site in the next few weeks as half a dozen or more teams should be on site working on multiple aspects of the build including brick work, cladding, power, and the garden. Watch this space for an update soon.