Couples due to get married in 2020 have been faced with an agonising choice, to postpone their dream day or to cut their numbers and go ahead despite the uncertainty. Most couples have concluded that moving is the best option but for a determined few it is now or never. For us leaves the question of how to hold a wedding safely? We have found that the answer lies in good planning and good communication.

To ensure safe spacing we built the guests groupings in our 3D model of the barn.

Ahead of the day we try to collect as much information as possible to draw up a detailed plan of events. From contact details of guests for ‘track and trace’ to the bubble groupings for the seating, good planning allows us to lay out the barns in a socially distanced manner. It also allows us to plan the location of the key wedding party members to co-ordinate a safe meeting with the registrar in the Eland Barn while avoiding guests.

Katie gets ready in the morning. Image by kind permission of Pixies in the Cellar

On the day there is much to get in place at the barns. From briefing suppliers as to the PPE requirements to ensuring plenty of hand sanitiser and soap is available, we do everything we can to make sure our guests and team can stay safe. All drinks and food items are handled by team members who are wearing a mask and either wear gloves or clean their hands regularly. Also, any communal surfaces such as the bar, door handles and toilets are regularly disinfected.

Through the day restrictions are understandably very tight with guests remaining masked while indoors and a strict ban on dancing or even music loud enough to cause people to raise their voice. Likewise, there are restrictions on live music with even singers wearing a mask. To avoid handling cash our bar has become card only and all drinks are ordered from the table and there are also restrictions on the throwing of confetti.

Despite all this I am delighted to say the weddings we have held have been wonderful occasions. Intimate and joyous, they have been a shining light in these otherwise challenging times.

Katie and Dom tie the knot on the 4th of August 2020. Image by kind permission of Pixies in the Cellar